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looking for the Artist catalogue?

If you want to connect with any of our exhibiting artists, please do so kindly and respectfully.

colour show is on now!

Colour Show is an affordable, accessible Art Exhibition with artwork for sale from £50. See our schedule below to join our events.

Notting Hill's Tabernacle is a welcoming venue that celebrates emerging artistic talent, accessible to all. Each Open Art Show revolves around an exciting theme, inspiring artists to submit imaginative and unique pieces.


Artworks are available for purchase at affordable price points, inviting first-time collectors to begin their own art journey.


We actively support and mentor first-time artists from the submission to the sales process. The Open Art Show fosters a nurturing environment to boost confidence, encourage connections with fellow creators, and share your art with the world.

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Colour Show Info
Colour Show Schedule
The Tabernacle

join a Clay class

This pottery class is suitable for all abilities and will teach you everything you need to create your very own body celebration sculpture.

Whether you’re a boob owner, boob appreciator or both, this beginner-friendly pottery class will teach you everything you need to create your very own body celebration sculpture.


Suitable for anyone from total beginners to gifted potters, this 2 hour class will provide all materials and equipment needed to craft a functional pot with the shape, size and decorative features your heart desires. Clay expert Nadine will guide you through the process from creating your base pot, building walls, attaching additions (ahem, boobs) as well as how to take your pot home to dry and decorate at your own leisure.


A fantastic evening activity where you can practise both mindfulness and body positivity, meet like minded crafty friends and of course browse the incredible art the Colour Show exhibition has to offer. There is a bar at the venue and you are more than welcome to sip prosecco or a pint while you potter.


Spaces are limited so please book as soon as you can to enjoy a relaxing, inspiring evening creating with clay!

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