Artists Exhibiting at Chelsea Theatre

We have a host of talented artists exhibiting at our HUB, The Chelsea Theatre.

7, World's End Place, London SW10 0DR.

Open 12- 5pm Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th.

There will also be opportunities for everyone to get involved with FREE workshops.


Amanda Denny

Amanda Denny is a London based visual storyteller and photographic artist working with both analogue and digital image making processes. All of her practice now deals with the interplay of image, literature and archival documentary material in order to create new narratives. Memory, time and connections, co-joined by chance circumstances, are frequently at the start of her projects. 


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Daisy Spiers

Daisy Spiers is a London based Artist and Musician. She has toured internationally as a viola player including New York, Europe, China and Russia and is a member of the English Chamber Orchestra. As an artist she has exhibited in London and has sold commissions throughout the UK, France and Switzerland.


During the lockdown Daisy began painting a series of large abstract, multi-textural art often filled with colour and gold inflections. It has been a lifeline whilst music went quiet and her new works have been highly successful. 

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ECHEBERRY is a Kingston upon Thames based painter, architect and University lecturer with Basque roots. He describes himself as a nomad of the XXIst Century as he lived in Basque Country, Denmark, Rome, Warsaw and London.
 His natural interest in creativity - as a way to understand the essence of beauty - has been evolving constantly wherever he was, however it always comes back to his roots. He does not have a clear pattern in his works, due to the fact that he runs away from repetitive solutions. 
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Emma Orchard

I create art that offers a visual and emotive experience; you see and feel it. It is art that speaks to you on a soul level, my passion and intuition guide me as I work on my pieces. If you love texture, impasto and bright colours then you’ve come to the right artist!

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Xavier Segers


Xavier Segers is a Belgian illustrator and designer based in London. 

His work is heavily inspired by his love for nature, surrealism and his mixed South-Korean heritage.

His artwork invokes wonder through his intricate and playful style​​​​​​​.

 Working under the alias The Last Dodo, Xavier is also active as a graphic designer and art director

mainly working in advertising and focussing on visual identities.

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