Open Art Spaces
The HUB at 
The Chelsea Theatre

Open Art Spaces has been hard at work over the last few months for our collection of events that will bring the community together through art and creativity.


The Chelsea Theatre will be our HUB over the weekend, open each day from 12-5pm. We will be holding FREE workshops, exhibiting some great art and on Sunday 4-5pm we have live spoken word and music. 


You won’t be able to miss us after Yan Skates, the talented artist does what he does best with an instillation on the front of the building of The Chelsea Theatre! Yan Skates is an artist come florist who creates spectacular sculptures from flowers. Yan’s artisticness is something to be experienced so come down and have a look! You may of seen him on Netflix ‘The Big Flower Fight’, if you haven’t, then defiantly worth a watch at what can only be described as magic! 




Funky String Workshop on Saturday and Sunday:

Your workshop leader Laurie O'Garro has specialised in a craft called 'string art' since 2014. During this rarely-seen class you will be mesmerised and impressed by your own personal work of string art.

This is a workshop for all ages!

Laurie is a teacher, with over twenty years' experience working with children, teenagers and adults... she creates anything from symbols to intricate geometric shapes, producing pieces large enough to be mounted on the wall and small enough to be given away as greetings cards and her work has been on show at pop up art exhibitions in Hammersmith and Ealing.


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Illustration Workshop on Sunday 2pm:

Starting with some easy-going guided illustration warm-ups, including drawing with our non-dominant hand, eyes closed, pen not leaving the paper. You will use simple lines to create your own colourful self-portrait illustration. Think abstract, vibrant colours using a variety of mediums including watercolour, pen and pencil, this workshop is all about self-expression and tuning into your own style to create your own personal masterpiece!

Led by Eve, a digital illustrator with a focus on creativity within the community and accessible arts. Her experience ranges from fashion to identity to interior design, and she has led workshops with pre-schoolers, primary, SEN and care home groups, watching many people come together under the umbrella of arts & creativity.


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