Public Art by Elizabeth Mikellides at Athlone Gardens Park

Open Art Spaces have been working hard with both Kensington and Chelsea Council and artist Elizabeth Mikellides to bring you some Public Art in Athlone Gardens Park on Portobello Road for all to experience. 

Athlone Gardens

370 Portobello Rd, London W10 5RP

A bit about Elizabeth Mikellides and her exhibition "Drawing Music: Prelude In E Flat Minor"

Working with the event Open Art Spaces to bring art to the community in an accessible way, Elizabeth Mikellides is an artist using music to create her artwork.

Her love of structure, order and layering developed whilst learning to play the piano as a child and continued into

adulthood. As a result, Elizabeth looks for parallels between the two art forms and how best to represent these in

visual art.


The work she makes follows a certain system and is guided by analysis more than subjective stimuli or responses. The results however are nevertheless emotive of joy and beauty, uplifting yet calming and can be interpreted as a visual score, or visual music, hence the title ‘Drawing Music'.

Based on J.S. Bach’s Prelude In E Flat Minor, each coloured stripe is related to a specific note or notes in the music.

Each panel represents a few music bars of the prelude and you can scan the QR code to listen to that particular

section of the music!

Please share your experience of this exhibition by sending an email to:

If you would like to purchase any of these pieces as metal prints on Chromaluxe then please feel free to email me.

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