Open Studio with Wiskey

Open Art Space invites you to meet and view the art of Wiskey.

Wiskey will be opening his artistic space at 57b Elsham Road W14 8HD

A bit about Wiskey…                                                                                                                          

“Born in London in 1965, I have worked as an independent, self-educated artist since 1983.                                 The interests and studies that have informed my art during this time have mainly been focused on sacred art, natural medicine & healing, myth, archetype & storytelling, spiritual teachings, nature and playfulness.                 The act of painting, for me, is an exploration of my interior world, in which the search for Truth and reality is the only occupation and everything is to be seen through unflinching eyes.                                                                   In this same vein, I am also a writer & poet, photographer, storyteller and film maker. Since my first show of paintings in King's Cross in November 1985, I've staged more than 30 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in galleries and spaces in London, New York, France and Italy. My works hang on private and corporate walls across the planet.                                                                                                           There are two principal aspects to my work as a painter; the Figure & Head paintings, and the Energy or Colour works, which include the Universal Love Paintings and the Black Series, which have become known as Mindful or Meditation Paintings because of how they were made and what they exude.”

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